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Measures approximately 4.92″l x 4.13″w x 2.87″ thick     Weighs approximately   1 lb. 9.7 oz.

We so enjoyed doing our best to capture the true beauty of this one of kind piece, uniquely created by nature. Even with our best efforts, may vary slightly in person, due to photography lighting and environmental surroundings. We feel it is even more beautiful in person.

Candle Quartz is a unique form of quartz that displays the best of both worlds in the quartz family. At the heart of the crystal is a strong main shaft, a single point where energy can be sharply focused. Around this point hundreds of tiny points have grown, like a quartz cluster that transmits and receives energy from all directions at once. Both the quartz point and the cluster are found in one crystal.  This is remarkable. Many say that this is an elestial quartz point that displays the ability to cleanse and heal. Some references call this pineapple quartz. Candle Quartz looks like a candle that has wax drippings covering all sides. Each is different, each a lovely work of natural art.