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SKU# 3338888845A

Measures approximately 32″ l x 0.33″ w

Being from nature stone color saturation, tone, hue and matrix may vary making it all the more special.

Drape yourself or someone special with natural beauty. Beauty and simplicity come together in this stylish necklace designed and strung with a multitude of stunning, highly polished, free-form Carnelian chip stones to create this necklace of natural elegance. A wonderful way to wear gemstones around your neck, alone or layered in combination with other necklaces. Being an endless strand makes it easy to slip on and off your neck without having a clasp.

Enjoy the rich sunset colors of this Carnelian Chip Stone Necklace. A piece sure to add the perfect stylish touch to any outfit.  It offers an attractive palette of earthy reds, oranges and creams that is beautiful in any season.  As each stone is unique from nature, no two pieces will be exactly a like and may vary in stone size, shape and color – making it all the more special. Therefore, each necklace will be unique and have a beauty of its own. You are getting a piece that is as individual and as special as you are or your gift recipient.

STONE HEALING PROPERTIES – It is said that the cheerful red-orange, to orange-brown color of Carnelian is an expression of its power to increase energy, awaken creativity, hidden talents, compassion and personal power. Also believed, its uplifting vibrations help to  stabilize the energy in a home and support loving relationships. Carnelian is thought to improve memory, alleviate sorrow and grief, increase courage, lessen anger, jealousy and fear. Believed to be  a grounding and stabilizing stone and to increase your metabolism, restore vitality and improve the flow of energy through the body. It is also believed Carnelian can be used to overcome fatigue and depression, relieve PMS and other reproductive problems and for treating disorders of blood and circulation, particularly where there is a lack of warmth. Carnelian is thought to be excellent for meditation.

This Carnelian Chip Stone Gemstone Necklace is a stylish way to wear Carnelian and is a wonderful idea for personal adornment and gift giving. Whether worn for the beauty of the stones or for their stone healing properties, this beautiful necklace will be most enjoyed and appreciated.