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SKU# 3338880764A

Pendant measures approximately 1 1/2″ h x 1 1/4″ w

Satin cord necklace tied at longest length approximately 23″ l

Being from nature stone color saturation, tone, hue and matrix may vary.

Bring a touch of nature into your life with this highly polished and smooth to the touch carved Rose Quartz Eagle Figurine pendant necklace. Ideal for men and women, pendant hangs from an adjustable satin cord that may be tied at your desired length. As each stone is unique from nature, no two pieces will be exactly a like and may vary in size, shape and color – making it all the more special. Therefore, each pendant will be unique and have a beauty of its own.

As a Totem – Eagle symbolizes Divinity, Vision, Illumination of Spirit, Healing and Creation. Animal figures have been used as symbols of power and expression for ages. As your life changes, so does your animal totem. Wear the Totem pendant necklace and let the magical talisman of your choice work for you.

Rose Quartz is a quartz that obtains it’s rosy coloring because of the impurities of titanium and manganese. Due to the amounts of the impurities, Rose Quartz can be a very pale pink to a deep pink.

Rose Quartz is known as The Love Stone. It is associated with the Heart Chakra and said to benefit the heart by bringing compassion and love to the whole body. It is said to bring inner peace and help in all forms of sustaining love. It is believed that Rose Quartz helps nurture relationships and romance and soothes the heart for giving and receiving love. Rose Quartz is known to promote affinity for self and others through its affinity for the heart. It is believed Rose Quartz attracts love and understanding and is considered very supporting and can help us to love ourselves.

Wonderful idea for personal adornment and gift giving. Perfect for inspiration, motivation and healing. Whether worn for its stone beauty, Totem meaning or stone healing properties, this unique necklace will be most enjoyed and appreciated.