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SKU #: 3338884502

Sculpture: 5.3″D x 4.8″H
Base: 3.7″D x 0.9″H
Weight: 0.4 lbs
Coconut shell and ceramic
Base included

The moon, the stars, and the sun are all aglow in the wonderful world of Putra Suteja’s artistry. He hand-carves the cosmic composition on a coconut shell, expertly achieving expressive details. Includes a terracotta base.

Please note size and coloring may differ as the artist works with natural coconut shell.

About the Artist: Putra Suteja

After a long illness, Putra Suteja passed in November of 2009. True to his happy, stoic character, Suteja kept it to himself and always greeted us with a big, friendly smile. He is survived by his wife Eka, and two small children, then a 2 year old daughter and 19 days’old boy. Our most heartfelt condolences to them and to his sister, Luh Mas Pertamiari, also a…featured artisan. Eka wishes to honor Suteja’s artistry by continuing his work, and has asked us to keep his name and memory alive… “Sleep well, our friend, in your peaceful eternal sleep. The lights of peace will erase all your pains. Our prayers be with you.”

“I was born in 1975 in Gianyar, where I was given my Balinese name, Made Putra Suteja. Our village has fostered the art of woodcarving for many years. I started to learn the art from my parents while I was still in elementary school. My grandfather was a famous carver in his time, and received several awards for dedicating his life to the art world.

“I don’t want to limit my work to certain themes only. Religion, mythology, daily life, and nature are inspirational to me, as well as my own cultural history. I carve with several different materials, including suar, sono, hibiscus, and crocodile woods, as well as coconut shells.”