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SKU # 3338881631

Measures approximately 3.02″l x 2.56″w x 1.06″ thick     Weighs approximately   5.8 oz.

We so enjoyed doing our best to capture the true beauty of this one of kind piece, uniquely created by nature, from Madagascar. Even with our best efforts, may vary slightly in person, due to photography lighting and environmental surroundings. We feel it is even more beautiful in person.

Quartz with inclusions refers to clear quartz which may contain any one of many minerals within its crystal body. The most common mineral inclusions are Chlorite(green or lavender), Hematite(red), Goethite(orange yellow), Rutile(golden needles), Clay(brown), Mica(dark hexagon), Lepidocrosite (red sparkle), Speculat Hematite (dark flakes, sparkle), Epidote (green needles), Tourmaline (black needles) Liquid or gasses (bubble) and even Gold and Silver. These combinations occur when a mineral, already present is enclosed by the quartz as it grows. The minerals could also have formed in fissures or cracks of the quartz which had already finished growing. Many crystals are enhanced by the presence of these minerals which often display lovely optical effects, color or visual interest.

Rutilated quartz is a beautiful stone produced by inclusions of golden rutile in quartz.  At a high temperature and pressure the two minerals are collectively stable, but as the temperature and pressure drop the rutile crystals become trapped inside the quartz crystals. The rutile needles and the quartz crystal then continue to grow simultaneously at the lower temperatures, producing one of the most stunning combinations in the mineral world. Rutilated quartz is known for expanding awareness, optimism and frees from entanglements.