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SKU #: 3338886858

5.9″W x 7.9″H x 5.9″D
Weight: 8.1 lbs
Natural stone – slight variations are to be expected

Wayan Suryanto depicts a dreamy nymph in this charming sandstone sculpture. Soft curls frame the angel’s face while feathery wings seem to flutter in the breeze.

About the Artist: Wayan Suryanto, SE

“My name is Wayan Suryanto, SE and I was born in Bali on September 29, 1974. I have been accustomed to the furniture handicrafts since my childhood, as it has been part of our family activity. Being in touch with furniture everyday, I am interested in learning and creating designs which combine Javanese and Balinese interior palace design.

“Under the guidance of my father, Made Suajaya, now in his 50s, I concentrate on creating new specific designs that are the best that I can do, both for others and myself. Furniture development in Bali is related to a long history started by the Chinese coming as merchants, then Arabic traders and European influence. All this created a special acculturation in art, including furniture. There are many different techniques inherited up to the present time.

“All I want to do is to create the best designs I can with the highest quality. Surely we have to be more careful with material selection and quality control. We use specially selected teak wood, belgi cloth, and super cello sponge to make high quality furniture. Some types of furniture we produce are carved chairs, tables, and wooden panels containing the stories of Mahabharata, the Ramayana epic, and Balinese folktales.

“Now we work with fifteen craftsmen in my own studio. We hope for better creativity with our furniture…”